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10'000 Francs for the Animal Shelter Strubeli!

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The animal shelter Strubeli is one of the biggest shelters in Switzerland, and it’s run by a charitable trust. After Christmas, many unwanted “Christmas presents” are unfortunately dispensed of. To help these animals find a nice home and to cover the costs for medical care, the animal shelter is happy with every kind of support they receive!

Project update - the team of the animal shelter Strubeli with the donation check:

Tierheim Strubeli mit Spendenscheck

The animal shelter is one of the most important drop-in centres for stray and abandoned animals. Already since 2001 the focus of the shelter is on the care of homeless, abandoned and injured pets. In addition, Strubeli is one of the largest boarding facilities in Zurich and surroundings.

In particular at the beginning of a new year, just after the Christmas holidays, the animal shelter receives many phone calls of distressed and overstrained pet owners. The present which was found under the Christmas tree has to be disposed of as quickly as possible–that is how high the incurred costs are, and how taxing the required time. Thus, it makes sense that during this time the costs for the animal shelter are particularly high. The shelter is financed solely through donations and doesn’t receive any financial support from the canton or the municipality. Through participating with watch&care, because of your support and the help of QUALIPET, it’s possible for the animal shelter Strubeli to cover the additional costs for food and medical care.

Also, the animal shelter Strubeli and QUALIPET want to use the opportunity with watch&care to highlight that a pet comes with a lot of responsibility, and to make sure that–before taking in a new family member–many questions are considered; Approximately how much time can be dedicated to the pet? Which pet will suit me best–definitely a dog or perhaps a cat or a small animal would be better? Is there enough space for the pet? What are the costs involved? 
If you’re looking for a suitable pet and you can answer these questions, you may just find the right pet in the animal shelter Strubeli!

Start watching Wilmaa now and automatically collect points while watching TV and zapping! The more points you and other Wilmaa users collect until the 14th of February, the more money the animal shelter Stubeli will receive.