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AZIZ is the story of a 6-year old boy who, motivated by his longing for home, attempts to return to his home country in North Africa by boarding a ferry on Lake Greifensee. He does't realize that he took a wrong course... By now, the short movie has been edited, but still more is needed to finish it!

Project update - Mica receiving the watch&care check from Allianz. Thanks to your support she is currently finalizing the movie:

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“As I’m sitting on a bench I can see the playground in front of the refugee shelter. There’s a small, old boat and children are climbing it and playing around it. Before long, two curious eyes belonging to one of the children discover me and a fugitive boy sits down at my side. In broken German, the boy proudly tells me of his impossible journey in Switzerland: first on foot, then by car, and finally, in a boat across the sea. He relates his story with such ease that I can’t help but admire him. But, despite his smile, I can sense a certain loneliness inside of him. As though he had to leave something behind.”

It was impossible for Writer/Director Mica Agustoni to forget the image of the boat and the playing refugee children. She allowed her mind to wander and the story of “Aziz” emerged, a boy from North Africa who had to leave his mother behind in his native country. Aziz boards a ferry on Lake Greifensee in Switzerland in an attempt to find her. And, because children pursue their wishes in a playful art and manner, the boy is filled with hope and doesn’t realize that he’s on the wrong course.

Once aboard, he meets the weary captain Elmar (played by Adrian Furrer) who has been secretly living on the boat ever since he separated from his wife. Elmar stopped dreaming long ago, but meeting Aziz helps him to face his life with a renewed sense of courage. It’s a story of two homeless souls, two people who could not be any different and, nevertheless, find themselves in the same boat.

Producer André from the young production company Somafilm was deeply moved by the story. The film was shot in various stages in collaboration with the Greifensee shipping line, who granted use of their boats in addition to providing trained personnel. Most of the scenes were shot on the actual lake and at night, posing a huge challenge for all. It took the heartfelt passion and commitment of the crew, the protagonists, and the extras to get the story in the can.

The underwater scenes were shot in the indoor swimming pool in Altstetten. These scenes, even though they represent only a small part of the story, were by no means less ambitious. Here as well, the presence of public safety divers and pool personnel was required. Their support made it possible to film the story.

By now, the movie has been edited, but still more is needed to finish it:

Music composition, Audio effects, Colour grading, 3D Effects, and the final sound mix.

„Thanks to you and Allianz we will be able to finish the movie! Thank you! Mica & André“