The Wilmaa Story

The Greatest Story ever Told

Birth and Childhood

My name is Wilmaa. I was born on the 25th of December in 2008. I was a real Christmas present back then  small and tiny with only 22 channels. I was really born in Switzerland – not in Silicon Valley, not in some high-tech engineering firm in Japan. No, in pretty little Switzerland. Or to be more precise, in Zurich, where my daddy Thomas Gabathuler comes from and where he has fine-tuned me for many years. After all, I was the world's first browser-based TV!

My Wild Teenager Years

By this time I had a few more channels but I was still a little wet behind the ears. But thanks to you I got bigger and grew into a teenager with a head full of mischief. Fortunately, I've always had a great team working for me so that despite a few adolescent pranks, I've frequently been able to offer you really cool TV features before anyone else could, such as: ultra-fast channel switching times, the greatest design, my popular Wilmaa Premium with 7 days Replay TV and the first Video on Demand Store with a selection of movies.

Growing up

In 2010 I finally became Switzerland's biggest web TV provider with a quarter million users each and every month. By that time, I could of course already offer you many channels in English. The Swiss consumer magazine Kassensturz even rated my pay TV offering Wilmaa Premium as the best in Switzerland. 

With the Wilmaa Box I ventured off into a brand new future, I really wanted to make it into Switzerland's living rooms: a TV experience Switzerland has never seen before – TV made easy – all you needed was internet access. Quick and easy to install, a compact high-quality remote and mobile so you could take the Wilmaa Box with you anywhere in Switzerland. Wilmaa had arrived in your living room!

Grown up?

Thanks to my users, I'll probably never be all mature and grown-up. I keep developing and launching new features for you! One of the recent highlights has definitely been my recording feature which allows all users to record a program with just 1 click and watch it later. Premium users can even download recordings and watch them offline – for example on the plane when no internet is available.

I'm proud that my mobile App has become the best rated Swiss TV App in the App Store and that since 2017 you can help make positive change while watching Wilmaa and automatically support projects in Switzerland.

I'm no longer developing the Wilmaa Box, but not because I no longer want to be part of your living room but because Apple TV and Android TV have launched some amazing devices, so that I rather focus on developing my apps for Apple TV and Android TV than producing devices myself. I particularly like the Apple TV Box, which you can connect to pretty much all TV sets via cable and then enjoy all Wilmaa Premium features on your big screen with the Wilmaa TV App for Apple TV. Have you tried Wilmaa on Apple TV yet? I mean, come on, a TV connection like in grandma and grandpas's times with TV and landline contract – we don't really need that anymore, do we?


In 2018 you can definitely look forward to a brand new Wilmaa player in html5 Video, so you can watch Wilmaa in your browser without Flash. I will also improve my guide and launch new features on all screens.