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The Wilmaa Story

The greatest story ever told
Who am I?

My name is Wilmaa. I came into the TV world on 25 December 2008. I was a real Christmas present back then, small, teeny-tiny even. I only had 22 channels...

Where I was born

...and I was really born in Switzerland. Not in Silicon Valley, not in some high-tech engineering firm in Japan. No, in pretty little Switzerland. Or to be more precise, in Zurich, where my daddy Thomas Gabathuler comes from and where he tinkered and fine-tuned me for many years. After all, I was the world's first browser-based TV. But thanks to you I have been able to grow and grow and get even better. And then...

My teen years

...by this time I had a few more channels but I was still a little wet behind the ears. But thanks to you I got bigger and grew into a teenager with a head full of mischief who could only think of having fun - not that anything has really changed in that respect. Fortunately, I've always had a great team working for me...

...so that I've frequently been able to offer you really cool TV features before anyone else could... despite a few adolescent pranks from time to time: ultra-fast channel switching times, the greatest design, my popular Wilmaa Premium with Wilmaa Time Machine or the first Video on Demand Store with a selection of movies...

All grown up

...until I ultimately became Switzerland's biggest web TV provider in 2010 and today count more than a quarter million users each and every month. Recently, Swiss consumer mazazine Kassensturtz ranked my pay TV offering Wilmaa Premium as Switzerland's best! Not to forget: thank you, dear fans!

And now I'm venturing off into a brand new future with the Wilmaa Box: a TV experience like Switzerland has never seen before. TV made easy again. Quick and easy to install, with a compact high-quality remote. Mobile so you can take the Wilmaa Box with you anywhere in Switzerland, plug it in and enjoy. All you need is internet access. Any internet service provider will do. Wilmaa has arrived in your living room...

My future

I'm really excited about what the future holds in store for me. Wilmaa on all your screens.


Wilmaa Milestones

my little Swiss TV story

July: The European football championship in Germany turns into an acid test for Wilmaa: during a test period 100,000 viewers concurrently access the servers of Wilmaa’s inventors. Back then the guys at Wilmaa were operating under the name of SolutionPark. The foundation stone for developing Wilmaa is laid.

December: Launch of Wilmaa – the world’s first purely browser-based TV. In contrast to Zattoo, Wilmaa’s users no longer need any software or apps. High-quality TV direct in your browser. Nice and blue – and reliable.



January: 30 days after its launch Wilmaa passes the 50,000 customer mark, breaking the first sound barrier on its supersonic path to the top of web TV service in Switzerland.

May: Wilmaa offers the first app – the Wilmaa App is available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store. The Wilmaa RC, an additional app for iOS devices, enables Wilmaa to be remote-controlled in a browser via an app.

August: Wilmaa launches its ad-free Premium package. Fast Zapping is available for a small monthly charge.


September: Wilmaa Time Machine – Wilmaa’s Replay TV providing for 30 days of catch-up TV for all channels.

October: With Wilmaa Movies Wilmaa expands into video on demand (VoD). Providing a small select range of films for all Wilmaa customers.


November: Wilmaa takes over the pole position in the Swiss web TV market in terms of monthly viewer figures and perceived satisfaction of users.


September: The idea of the Wilmaa Box is born … work starts with a four-member team and lots of enthusiasm. Emotions run high.


October: Swiss consumer magazine Kassensturz ranks Wilmaa Premium as Switzerland’s best web pay TV offering, outpacing Zattoo, Swisscom TV Air and Teleboy.


April: Wilmaa launches Wilmaa for the living room, the bedroom, getaway homes, hotels – for anywhere Wilmaa customers want to watch TV. The Wilmaa Box can be used with any Swiss Internet service provider. No lock-in, no conditions, no landline service required, no monthly charge for the service. Only Wilmaa Box and a TV subscription are needed.

October: Wilmaa supplements its product range and gives Switzerland according to the slogan "Watch TV immediatedly without a subscription" for the first time ever free tv on every screen. Whether you watch it at home, by the swimming pool or on the go. Buy it at the store or online, grab it and watch TV. There is always something good on Wilmaa - and now even for free.